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In 1946 , the then Muraikarar (Chief) of Virudhunagar Palasarakku Tharappu Mahamai , Sri.P.A.Ramachandra Nadar , Sri.Sv.P.N.S.Shanmugasundara Nadar alongwith their family friends had a discussion about the “Mariamman Kovil Panguni Pongal”. After some time their discussion turned towards the development and economical welfare of the School, they had a novel idea.

They planned to conduct Cultural Programmes inside the School Campus which was very nearer to the temple and to run an exhibition there. Profit from the exhibition would be spent to School welfare. If loss had arrived the Palasarakku Mahamai would bear it.


Thus, the first exhibition was started as a joint venture of Palasarakku Tharappu Mahamai and K.V.S.Managing Board, Sri.Sv.P.N.S.Shanmugasundara Nadar and Sri.P.A.Ramachandra Nadar serve as Honorary Secretaries and
Sri.Rajagopal Iyer of Aruppukottai worked as Organiser. The first Exhibition (1946) was conducted for 11 days.

But for the first two years the exhibition did not earn any profit. Palasarakku Mahamai carried over all the expenditures. Upto the Tenth Exhibition Palasarakku Tharappu Mahamai organized it very well. After that it was decided to handover the Exhibition to the K.V.S.Managing Board.

From that , two or three members of K.V.S.Managing Board is elected as Organisers and they are organising the Exhibition in a well planned manner.


At first the programmes were held in temporary stages and shed erected in the school campus. In 1959 , a well versed Auditorium named “M.A.Palanichamy Nadar Auditorium” was constructed by the K.V.S.Managing Board. The foundation stone was laid down by Sri.SIVAJI GANESAN on 22.04.1959 and the Auditorium was opened by Sri.M.S.P.Rajah on 6.11.1960.

Due to the changing needs and trends , the Exhibition venue was shifted to K.V.S.Hr.Sec.School campus. This tremendous job was done in 58th Exhibition in the year 2004.

Until then the K.V.S.Exhibition is organized in the K.V.S.Hr.Sec.School campus. The Programmes are conducted in the L.P.Shanmuga Nadar Auditorium which has been constructed in the year 2002. The Programmes can be viewed from the S.P.Kothala Nadar Stadium.

Today the exhibition is conducted for 24 days during the Panguni Pongal. The vast space and windy area attracts not only the people of Virudhunagar, but also people from nearer towns like Sivakasi, Aruppukottai, Sattur.

Important Events

Tamil film Legends Performed in our K.V.S.Exhibition. First Super Star Sri.M.K.Thiyagaraja Bagavathar, Veteran Comedian Sri.N.S.Krishnan & Party , First Lady Super Star Smt.K.B.Sundarambal, Former Chief Minister M.G.Ramachandran, Nadigar Thilagam Sri.Sivaji Ganesan, Veteran Drama Artists Sri.T.K.Shanmugam & Brors, Sri.R.S.Manohar, Sri.M.R.Radha and Sri.M.R.R.Radha Ravi are some of the Personalities in the list.

Bollywood stars Smt.Waheedha Rahman and Smt.Hemamalini performed classical dances in our K.V.S.Exhibition.


The One and only objective of the K.V.S.Exhibition from the beginning is to spent all the profit attained by it to the welfare of the Eight Schools that are running by the K.V.S.Managing Board.

Exhibition Committee

               1946 to 1951

               1952 to 2000

               2001 to 2014